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Why choose us


We succesfully finish any project that we start and we do it with the same passion from the start point to the finish. We ensure that all the projects are completed to the highest level of professionalism and use the best materials, while providing our customers support and transparency.


For us, honesty is extremely important and we strive to complete all the projects with integrity, both in the relationship with our customers and in our relationships with suppliers and contractors.


We are committed to complete all projects foreseen. And for that goal we use the best technology and tools to ensure that the entire construction process is conducted in a timely manner, but equally we focus on details and quality.

Who are we?


Solid House is a top real estate developer active in Constanta and Mamaia, which owns a portfolio of luxury residential apartments located in modern buildings, completely finished, satisfying the need of peace and comfort for our customers.

Solid House appears in Constanta’s real estate market since 2010 with unique projects, with experience gained by making hundreds of apartments. The developers of this project shows the real estate market in Constanta concept with the highest quality standardized.

Each project is unique, and for that we invest creativity and hard work to find solutions that come to welcome our customers.

Combining modern architecture and innovative materials, Solid House is the leading broker in the area in which it operates.

Our promise, as an entrepreneur, is to add value to the community through each project, while providing professional expertise and an exceptional quality of building..